It is time to be in your prime - leave the "awkward tween stage" behind.

Being stuck in the "awkward tween phase" of the photographer world is not a fun place to be by any means. I am here to help you break out of the puberty stage & move to your prime!

1,2,3 all eyes on you:

The Red Flag Guides will help you quickly learn where the disconnect may be for your audience. Quickly and efficiently identify and implement a strategy to reconnect with your audience.

How to Identify Small Mistakes that are Costing You

How to Strategically Network

Learn how to easily connect with vendors in your area to grow your referral base, allowing you to quickly climb up in your market. 

what you'll learn here: 

How to Stand Out in your Market

Make yourself known in your market with unique galleries, impactful messaging, and connecting easily with local vendors.


Level Up Your Flash Game

Your reception lighting can truly set you apart in your market. Create images with flash that are show-stopping all while keeping your natural style of shooting.

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Red Flag Guides

The DIY version of my custom business audits. These guides will help you identify the red flags throughout your business & give you solutions to fix them quickly and efficiently.

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Learn my tried and true strategy that truly set me apart in my market. Networking doesn't have to be "sleazy," it is the oldest and easiest skill in business to help you grow quickly to the top of your market.

Networking Your Way to the Top


Custom audits help you identify any gaps or red flags that you may not even realize are hurting your business. These audits can help you identify simple fixes to help you grow in your online presence all the way through your wedding galleries.

Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to help you find the cracks in your business.
A custom audit might be the right move for you and your business.

Let's find the audit that is right for you

want something a little more hands on?

let's work together

Let's get out of this "do they like me" stage and just admit that we are a match-made in heaven. I am ready to see you grow into the next phase of your photography business! 

it is time to take the next step...